Thanks to the pandemic, we're re-entering a studio era after 80 years. This will reshape agriculture for good (and worse) when humans stop saying things like "when things become normal".
How to make sense of Amazon Retail's Kisan (Farmer) Store and Agronomy Services Launch in 10 Tweets?
PayAgri's Acquisition; Can Indian Agtech hit the sweet spot with FBN Playbook?; What would the Future of Agriculture look like if we extrapolate the pr…
Does the Future of Ag & Tech Belong to Market Controlling Platforms or Marketplace Building Aggregators?
Plus! Making Sense of Vegrow's $13 Mn raise; Understanding Agrostar's Partnerships with Smart Chem and Gujarat State Fertilizers; Cargill as a Platform
Can Farm-to-Fork marketplace startups transform the Great Indian Kitchen by fixing the failures of Indian agricultural markets?
Plus! Strategy Lessons for Agritech Entrepreneurs to compete with Ninjacart and Agribazaar
In which I meditate over Captain Gopinath's poignant Oped on Zomato IPO and what it means for food and agriculture
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