Jul 21 • 4M

Audio Precis of "Is Organic Food a Luxury Belief for the Privileged"

In which I hover around my recent subscriber-only article, share few triggers which birthed the mental models I built in the article.

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the third audio-precis episode -a roundup of the recent long-form subscriber-only article - for busy agribusiness professionals who are too busy to read.

These audio-precis posts will give you a flavour of the article and could help you decide if it’s worth your time. This week, we explore the provocative idea of luxury beliefs in agriculture.

You can read the complete long-form article below.

Agribusiness Matters
Is Organic Food a 'Luxury Belief' for the Privileged?
In Today’s Edition: 1/ Is Organic Food a ‘Luxury Belief’ for the Privileged? Has Organic food become a ‘luxury belief’ for the elites (and that includes me as well) who can afford to worry about synthetic chemicals inside food, while farmers struggle to grow ‘food…
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Even if you have diligently read the article, I hope this precis podcast helps you chew on some of these ideas and makes you think deeper.

I am more of a writing person and genuinely trying to discover my podcasting voice. So be kind and suggest ways to do this better.



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