Jul 7 • 8M

Audio Precis of 'State of Agritech - 3rd July 2022'

In which I hover around my recent subscriber-only article, share few triggers which birthed the mental models I built in the article.

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Straight talk on Digital Agriculture, Agritech and Agribusiness Matters. Because, let's face it. Agribusiness matters.
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Dear Readers,

For many months, I have been getting a lot of requests from readers to do audio-version of my long-form articles. Since a simple Chrome extension can read out any article loud, I thought it would be good to do a roundup for those who are wondering if it’s worth their time.

These audio precis posts will give you a flavour of the article and help you decide if it’s worth your attention. In this week’s audio precis post, I talk about my recent subscriber-only piece which kickstarted Season 3 of Agribusiness Matters. The written, complete version is here below.

Agribusiness Matters
State of Agritech - 3rd July 2022
In Today’s Edition: 1/ Origo E-Mandi, ONDC, and the Art of Loving Information Asymmetry When did Information Asymmetry become a bad thing? Can ONDC unbundle full-stack agritech plays and make startups move beyond their Stockholm Syndrome affairs with Information asymmetry…
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Even if you are the studious type who has already read the long-form article, I hope it will help you chew on a few pointers which I think are worth repeating.

This is in experimental mode and I created it in one take, and hence please be kind to a newbie podcaster. Do share any ideas/suggestions to do podcasting well.

I hope you enjoy it.



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