Regarding Upcoming Agritech Samvaad (Dialogue) this Friday on 'Reimagining Rural Livelihoods'

Beyond joining the informal gig economy, beyond migrating to cities, what are the credible alternatives?

Dear Friends,

I wanted to give you a brief heads up about tomorrow’s Agritech Samvaad ( Dialogue) on ‘Reimagining Rural Livelihoods’ in Clubhouse (RSVP Link attached). You can join the group chat with the panel here over LinkedIn.

Beyond joining the informal gig economy, beyond migrating to cities, what are the alternatives? How do we deal with the aspiration that has been embedded in the mainstream culture to ‘make life large’ and migrate to overcrowded cities? In the wake of the pandemic and the ongoing silent migrant crisis in this country, how do we build resilient local economies and resilient rural livelihoods?

Along with my mentor and friend Jagadeesh, I am excited to kickstart this dialogue with Dhiraj Dolwani who started B2R, almost 11 years ago, a rural BPO in the hills of Uttarakhand. Inspired by Los Grobo, He has been working with more than 300 rural youth in the hills of Uttarakhand to figure how an Agri PMO structure can help put the pieces together for a farmer with small landholding. He has also attempted to bring this into the policy gambit, and he will have more stories to share during our chat.

Rajashri Sai will be the other panelist who has been working in livelihood space over the past 15 years, gathering data to assess impact and figure which livelihood initiatives have actually led to sustainable progress. She has been tracking India’s migrant crisis over the past year and has promised to share interesting data points on an important, yet less understood social phenomenon underway in this country.

Feel free to chime in with your questions that you would love to get addressed and I will try my best to get them answered. Hoping to see some of you tomorrow!