Unpacking #FarmBills Controversy

Update on an Upcoming Event in Thamizh on Understanding #FarmBills

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write a short note on the upcoming event I am doing in thamizh tomorrow. Think of it as an AMA session (Ask Me Anything) on #FarmBills 2020. I will present my analysis on all the three bills that were passed and will be ready to take any question you might have on the bills. Technically, it is no longer a bill though.

It will be streamed live in Youtube and LinkedIn. You can RSVP here. Simply click on the Reminder On

Why thamizh?

Well, two reasons.

1) Farm Bills have been drafted by India for the economic well-being of Bharat. No matter how much I drone about nuance in this hot political debate that is turning into a political slugfest, Bharat will never listen to India, unless I communicate in my native mother tongue.

2) I run a non-profit organisation called Mandram (platform)to curate innovative ideas, insights and concepts in native languages. We invite scientists, technologists, farmers talk about their expertise and share the work they do in their native tongue. Given the work I do, and the privilege I hold of being an insider in this domain, I feel it’s far more important to talk about this in my native tongue than English.

After reading the second part that I mailed you yesterday, I felt I needed to write one more take on #Farmbill from the standpoint of defending the government’s intent. I hit the limit of email length in my second part of the analysis and had more to say.

You can expect that soon. You can read the Part-1 and Part-2 meanwhile.

I hope this mail finds you in the pink of your health and spirits.