About Agribusiness Matters

This is a weekly newsletter for those who want to have straight talk on Agtech, Digital Agriculture and Agribusiness Matters. If you’re thinking of subscribing, you probably want to know who I am, and what you can expect from this newsletter.

Who I am

My name is Venky Ramachandran, and chances are you’re probably here because you already know who I am, in which case scroll on. If you don’t know who I am, check out my LinkedIn profile, and sample some of my agribusiness writing first.

What this is

This newsletter is for those who want unbiased, unvarnished perspectives that matter in the world of agribusiness.

I am neither a pollyannish enthusiast of technology nor a Luddite who wants agriculture to go back to the medieval ages. I strive to find the middle road and discover appropriate technologies that can solve some of the fundamental problems in a wicked domain like agriculture.

In a domain in which almost every other player, big or small, feels compelled to invoke purpose-driven narrative of 1) How we need to feed the world that will exceed ~10 billion by 2050... 2) How we need to save the lives of poor farmers, it can be disorienting to distinguish signal from the noise, and understand the real underlying economic and competitive forces that are shaping the digitisation of agriculture.

Through my action-driven research, I try to offer unique insights and perspectives that bring together the deep-rooted structural challenges of agriculture with the possibilities offered by agritech.

Currently, I publish one article or podcast a week, alternating free and subscriber-only posts. Every Sunday, a free digest email post goes out to all those in the mailing list. You can subscribe at ₹ 399/mo or ₹ 3,999/year to access all the paywalled content.

You can also find my short, self-reflective writings on my website. Or you can tune in to my chatty self in LinkedIn, where I talk about pretty much everything under the sun.

Welcome aboard!